30 oz. ACTIVATE Protein Powder


Seeva Activate is a pumpkin seed protein powder packed with 22 grams of naturally delicious plant-based protein formulated to bolster your core health.

Pumpkin Seed Protein*, Sacha Inchi*, MCT Oil*, Spirulina*, Moringa Leaf*, Maitake Mushroom*, Astragalus Root*, Monk Fruit*, Turkey Tail Mushroom*, Digestive Enzyme & Probiotic Blend – *Organic

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Maitake: Immune boosting. Stabilizes cholesterol, blood sugar & blood pressure.


Astragalus: Boosts immunity & energy. Aids in heart health. Reduces stress & promotes restful sleep.


Spirulina: Nutrient rich. High in Vitamin B-12. Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory.


Moringa: Fights free-radicals. Anti-inflammatory. Reduces lipids & glucose levels. Anti-microbial & anti-bacterial.


Turkey Tail Mushroom: Anti-oxidant. Pre-biotic for gut health. Anti-inflammatory. Reduces fatigue. Stabilized blood sugar. Anti-bacterial.

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Additional information

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